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Friday, 5th May 2017
Statement by Mull Sebujja Katende, Ambassador and Permanent Representative of the Republic of Uganda and Chairperson of the PSC for the Month of May 2017.

It is with pleasure and humility that we are in this beautiful and clean city of Kigali for the Retreat of the Peace and Security Council of the African Union.
On behalf of the Council, I express appreciation to the Government and Peoples of Rwanda for hosting the retreat and for the warm welcome and hospitality accorded to us.
Even more, it is gratifying that Your Excellency the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation of Rwanda has found time to grace our retreat as a Special Guest. All these gestures demonstrate the solid commitment of Rwanda not only to peace and security in Africa but also to the success of African Union programs. To our colleague, Ambassador Hope Tumukunde, we say bravo.
That our retreat, on matters of peace and security, is taking place in this very hotel is significant. Mille Collins Hotel is remembered to have been a source of hate speech at one time in the history of Rwanda. It is no longer. Instead, and like any other place in Rwanda, it is now a place of concord and excellent hospitality. Congratulations to the Government and peoples of Rwanda for the phenomenon transformation of the country since the despicable events of 1994.
On its part, the African Union resolved that "Never and Never Again" for the events of 1994 in Rwanda to be repeated on the African continent. Even more, the Union resolved to rid the continent of all forms of conflict by, among other things, establishing the Peace and Security Council.
In the course of its existence and discharge of its mandate, however, the Peace and Security Council of the African Union has been confronted with emerging challenges, changing circumstances and bottlenecks in its work. That is why we are convening to find innovative approaches to facilitate the work of the Council.
Thus, the retreat will focus on three subjects:
a) First, we shall review implementation of working methods of the PSC and the level of implementation of Decisions adopted since 2007. We shall investigate and proffer solutions to those decisions that have not been implemented or that have been partially implemented. We shall also examine appropriate mechanisms of consultations within the Council and with the larger membership of the Union.
b) Secondly, we shall also reflect on the 2017/2018 budget of the Council as well as how the AU Peace Fund can be revitalized.
c) Thirdly, we shall reflect on the Human Resource Outlook of the Peace and Security Department, including the Secretariat of the PSC, with the view to bridging existing gaps and needs.
During the course of the Retreat, we shall also be guided by H.E President Paul Kagame's recommendation to the Assembly, and the Assembly's decision, for a thorough reform of the Peace and Security Council, including (a) reviewing the PSC's membership in line with Article 5(4) of the PSC Protocol, (b) strengthening the PSCís working methods, and (c) strengthening the PSC's role in prevention and crisis management.
At the end of the retreat, we should be able to come up with conclusions and recommendations that will add value to the PSCís delivery system.
I wish the Retreat success. MURAKOZE CYANE.